Leftist Says White People Should Donate Stimulus Checks To People of Color & Illegals

Lisa A. Jones, a left-wing blogger, recently posted on her Facebook page that white people should donate their stimulus checks to people of color and undocumented immigrants. Jones argues that people of color and undocumented immigrants are the most vulnerable during the pandemic and have not received sufficient help from the federal government.

“if you are white and received a stimulus check, please consider donating it to a person of colour or an undocumented immigrant. they are the most vulnerable during the pandemic and haven’t received much help from the u.s. government.”

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Lisa went viral last year after endorsing a 2% white privilege tax. Jones holds many other far-left beliefs, arguing that

Lisa has also made a few other extreme posts regarding the virus, including…

“we know that the death rate due to the coronavirus has spiked in black and brown communities, which is why it’s important that the next COVID-19 relief package be drafted with a lens of reparations, as alexandria ocasio-cortez has argued.”

“why aren’t undocumented immigrants eligible for any stimulus relief? they’re arguably the most important sector of the u.s. economy.”

“why are white people so worried about the economy? we are in the midst of a public health crisis and white people are only talking about money.”

Many of the commenters on Lisa’s Facebook page believe Lisa is a parody account, while others believe she is just utterly insane.

Check out Lisa’s Facebook page.


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