Leftist: “The Only Good Straight White Male Is A Dead Straight White Male”

A Twitter user who goes by the name of “Vick Damone Jr’s fan account” suggested on Twitter that the only good straight white male is a dead straight white male. This outrageous statement came after Josh Denny, a libertarian comedian, tweeted that he believes the term “straight white male” has become the 21st century’s n-word as it is often used to smear the recipient based on their immutable characteristics.


In response to Denny’s tweet, Damone’s fan account tweeted a series statements targeting straight white men.

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Surprisingly, the Twitter mob appeared to side with Damone Jr.’s fans account, as Denny’s tweet received over 10,000 comments compared to just under 5000 likes. Many of the commentators insisted that racism must include both racial prejudice and institutional power, arguing that non-white Americans do not hold the institutional power needed to be racist towards white Americans.


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