WATCH: Gay Man Explains Why He Thinks He’s A Cat

Nill, a gay man who dresses as a cat, created a video explaining why he dresses the way he does. He begins by stating that many people have a misconception that he receives a lot of hate for dressing as a cat. However, Nill claims that it is actually the exact opposite.


Nill identifies as a neko, a person with catlike features, and as a cyberkitty, a cybergoth kittyboi. However, he claims that he does not actually believe he is a cat. In fact, he does not even like cats and is allergic to them. He says that he dresses the way he does because he wants to, receiving approximately a dozen positive affirmations on his appearance daily.

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In addition, he encourages everybody to be themselves and explains the five pillars of “nekodom.”

  1. awe the awesome
  2. filter the f***tards
  3. create conversation
  4. be ambiently approachable
  5. instant polarization

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Following, he calls people who do not want to be associated with him “d-bags” and says that he does not care what random strangers think of him. He concludes by encouraging his viewers to explain why they agree/disagree with him in the comments.


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