Feminist Says Young Children Should Learn About Sexuality & Nonbinary Genders

Lindsay Amer, host of a YouTube series called Queer Kid Stuff, recently delivered a Ted Talk titled, “Why kids need to learn about gender and sexuality.” Amer begins by singing the theme song to Queer Kid Stuff, “It’s Okay To Be Gay.” According to Amer, her content is designed for people of all ages, ranging from babies to great-great grandparents.


She continues by arguing that it is crucial to teach young children about gender and sexuality, citing a study that found children have a solid understanding of their gender identity by age four. Amer even argues that trans, nonbinary, and queer children are ‘everywhere.’ She even encourages young children to question their own gender and preferred pronouns.

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To support her opinion, Amer cites several statistics suggesting that LGBT Americans are significantly more likely to commit suicide and be homeless. In addition, she states that some of her own YouTube comments are homophobic and anti-Semitic. Although, as a gay man, I believe much of her online criticism is warranted. I do not believe LGBT issues should be pushed on young children.

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Amer concludes by stating that she wishes she was exposed to queer media as a child. In addition, she encourages the audience to speak to children about their preferred pronouns and sexual orientation.

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Most Queer Kid Stuff episodes discuss gender, feminism, privilege, and other social justice issues, specifically designed for young children. In one episode, Lindsay reads a children’s book explaining where babies come from. In other episodes, she explains why parents should not have gender reveal parties and invites a young boy to explain why he is queer. Amer also believes that all kids are queer and doctors should stop “assigning” gender at birth.


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