LGBT Activists Sue YouTube Because It’s Not A “Safe Space”

Lindsay Amer, host of Queer Kid Stuff, teamed up with many LGBT YouTubers to sue Google and YouTube over their so-called mistreatment of LGBT creators. The LGBT activists in the lawsuit refer to themselves as the Rainbow Coalition.


Most Queer Kid Stuff episodes discuss gender, feminism, privilege, and other social justice issues, specifically designed for young children. In one episode, Lindsay reads a children’s book explaining where babies come from. In other episodes, she explains why parents should not have gender reveal parties and invites a young boy to explain why he is queer. Amer also believes that all kids are queer and doctors should stop “assigning” gender at birth.

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Amer and her team allege that YouTube is targeting LGBT content creators by demonetizing their videos and manipulating their algorithm to suppress their videos. A YouTuber who goes by the name uppercaseCHASE1 believes that YouTube is supposed to be a “safe space” for LGBT content creators. Although early in the video Amer claims that YouTube should be a free speech platform, she later criticizes the tech giant for not censoring YouTubers who negatively respond to her videos.

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It should be noted that LGBT content is not the only type of content that is censored on YouTube. YouTube has long been censoring both conservative and liberal political content and religious/atheist content. Their lawsuit would be much more effective if they would fight against all forms of censorship.


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