Gender Studies Professor Compares Milking Cows To Sexual Abuse

A Women’s and Gender Studies department at a New York University is promoting a paper titled, “Readying the Rape Rack: Feminism and the Exploitation of Non-Human Reproductive Systems,” Campus Reform reports. The paper, published by Mackenzie L. April, compares milking cows to sexual abuse.

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According to April, society must fight the “sexual exploitation” of dairy cows to “fully fight gendered oppression.” April, who is both a vegan and a feminist, states that she feels obligated to expose the “feminist aspects of animal agriculture.”

“The same way women’s health has been at stake for years, a dairy cow’s reproductive system has been poked and prodded.”


April continues by arguing that “the dairy industry is a host for sex-based discrimination,” stating that it is a “site where sexual assault and objectification based on biological makeup are highly prevalent but ignored as we choose to neglect non- humans with whom we share a planet.”

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“If we are going to argue fairly for the rights of all beings in a world soured with sex and gender-based oppression, then dairy cows deserve to be taken into account when discussing issues of reproductive women’s health.”

Following, April compares cattle to women who do not have children.

“If women do not choose to become mothers, they are shamed. If a female cow is incapable of successfully bearing a calf, they are sent away for slaughter. Their reproductive system is useless, therefore, they, as a being, are useless.”

Lastly, the publication encourages readers to place the value of an animal’s life equal to that of a woman.


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  1. Does she even realized that if a cow that is lactating needs to have a release of milk, by either a calf or milking. If she is not it can be extremely painful (yes, I said SHE). What idiots these professors are.

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