Leftist Wants To Get Rid Of The Entire Constitution

Lisa A. Jones, a left-wing activist on Facebook, recently posted that she wants to get rid of the entire U.S. Constitution, arguing that it only serves the interests of straight white men.

“we should get rid of the entire constitution and start from scratch. the constitution is old and outdated and only serves the interests of straight white men.”

Lisa went viral several months ago after endorsing a 2% white privilege tax. More recently, Jones posted that Ilhan Omar is more American than any U.S. veteran. Additionally, Jones believes that illegal immigrants should have the right to vote and white people are responsible for violent crime committed by black people.


Lisa also holds many other far-left positions, such as abolishing the police and prisons and getting rid of the stock market.

“ABOLISH THE POLICE! ABOLISH PRISONS! The sole purpose of the criminal justice system is to protect white America! The African-American community never asked to be in a war against law enforcement!”

“ABOLISH THE STOCK MARKET! DISMANTLE CAPITALISM! The stock market is nothing but a tool to help the rich get richer while the rest of us get left behind!”

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Despite being white, Lisa also makes several racially-charged posts targeting white people.

“i will no longer be voting for any white males. if the midterm elections taught progressives anything, it’s that now is the time for womxn of colour to reclaim their time. white male is not where the progressive movement is at.”

“white people are responsible for most of the violent crime committed by black people. white people created social structures that have historically oppressed black people and continue to oppress them to this day. this level of systematic oppression creates poverty. poverty creates crime.”

“SMASH THE PATRIARCHY! DISMANTLE WHITENESS! We must fight to redistribute wealth from white men to womxn and communities of colour! Womxn and people of colour NEVER asked to be born in a capitalist, patriarchal white supremacy!”

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Many of the comments on Lisa’s Facebook page state that they believe Lisa is a parody account, while others believe she is just utterly insane.


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