Leftist Says Pete Buttigieg is a Token Designed to “Maintain the Patriarchy”

Back in April, “feminist next doortweeted that she is disgusted that Pete Buttigieg was polling higher than Elizabeth Warren, arguing that Warren’s creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau makes her immensely more qualified for POTUS than being a mayor of a small town. Unsurprisingly, feminist next door attributed Pete’s initial success to “sexism in politics.” It should be noted that Real Clear Politics polling data suggests that Warren is currently in second place, only trailing former VP Joe Biden.


“If you’re still incredulously insisting that sexism in politics isn’t real I am forced to assume you’re either dumb or lying. Your pick.

It’s been 241 years. The mayor of south bend fucking Indiana is polling higher than a senator who created the CFPB.”

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In response to that tweet, a Twitter user who goes by the name “knitflixandchilltweeted that as a queer, cisgender, white male, he believes that Mayor Pete is an “assimilation gay that can be tokenized to maintain the patriarchy.” From his point-of-view, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are much better options.

“As a queer, cis, white guy, I see mayor Pete as an assimilation gay that can be tokenized to maintain the patriarchy. Harris and Warren have more experience and are much better choices.”

A twitter user who goes by the name “CatFriendlyBakery” joined the conversation by tweeting that Democratic primary voters hate women so much that they are willing to settle for a white gay man.

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“It just makes me think that they hate the idea of a woman in power so much as long as it’s a white guy, even if he’s gay its ok. I only ever hear about how he’s Christian, gay, ex military and speaks different languages. Nothing on policy.”

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