White Mother Says Her White Sons Are Embarrassed To Be White Men

Emily McCoy, who goes by the name “Community Mom” on Twitter, responded to a Twitter thread about how white mothers should react to attacks against white men. Olivia Waite, columnist for The Seattle Review of Books, started the thread by discussing “whiteness, parents, and power” and how they relate to gun violence.


According to Waite, she received a message from a mother a few days ago expressing concern about the inflammatory rhetoric targeting white men. Waite claims that she has read many comments about mothers who worry about the impact anti-white male rhetoric has on their white sons.

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Olivia argues that white mothers who are critical of anti-white male rhetoric are favoring their “power and privilege” over “allying with the victims.” Waite continues by claiming that “white men use defense of white women as an excuse for violence against black men.” Following, Olivia states that white women use the defense of their white children in the same way.

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Next, Waite argues that similar power dynamics exist at a collective level, claiming that white people perceive themselves superior to black people just as parents perceive themselves superior to children. Waite concludes by stating that white mothers who defend their white sons reinforce an “abusive dynamic with black people” and enable “the reality of white male violence.”

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In response to that thread, McCoy stated that her white sons are embarrassed to be white men, claiming it makes them feel “yucky.”

“My white sons are embarrassed to be white men. They’re young and it feels yucky and the actions of the white supremacists are indefensible so I gave them permission not to try. They’re still teens. They needed permission to not feel responsible for a cursory connection of white.”

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