STUDY: White Americans Commit Hate Crime At A Lower Rate Than The National Average

Since the El Paso shooting, many leftists have been demagoguing about the rise of white nationalism in the United States. While I personally condemn all hateful and violent political ideologies, I believe the extent to which white nationalism exists should be discussed from an objective lens.


According to FBI statistics, race was reported for 6370 known hate crime offenders in 2017, the most recent year statistics are available. Of the 6370 hate crime offenders, 50.7% were white, 21.3% were black, 7.5% were multiracial, 0.8% were American Indian, 0.7% were Asian, and 19.1% were unknown. Approximately 9% were either Hispanic or Latino of any race.

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Although white Americans commit just over half of all reported hate crimes in the United States, that figure does not take into account the fact that white Americans comprise 76.5% of the U.S. population (60.4% non-Hispanic white), according to U.S. Census statistics. That same year, black Americans comprised 13.4% of the population, while Asians were 5.9% of the population. Hispanics and Latinos made up 18.3% of the total U.S. population.

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These statistics suggest that whites, Latinos, and Asians all commit hate crimes at a lower rate than the overall U.S. population.

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Another talking point the left uses to demonize the right is to cite the number of annual terror attacks committed by white nationalists and right-wing extremists. In 2018, according to New America, there were 109 terror attacks committed by white nationalists. This compares to 104 terror attacks committed by radical Muslims. However, it should be noted that Muslims are just 1% of the U.S. population, while white Americans comprise about three-quarters of the population. This means that Muslims commit terror attacks at a higher rate than white Americans.

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Even when examining murder rates by race, white Americans are still underrepresented, with FBI statistics suggesting that whites committed 47.1% of all murders in 2017.  This figure compares to 47.3% for blacks and 12.9% for Hispanics (of any race).

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In conclusion, there is no evidence to suggest that white Americans or white nationalism is the greatest threat facing the country. Instead of using race to put Americans against one other, we should be celebrating the values that unite us as a country.


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