Leftist Suggests That Even White Liberals Are White Supremacists, Calls Them ‘Nazis’

Saira Rao, a far-left Indian-American activist on Twitter, is infamously known for making racist and sexist tweets targeting men and white people. Recently, she made a tweet directed at all white people, claiming that the president represents all white people and suggests that even white liberals perpetuate white supremacy.


“Dear ALL White People: Donald Trump is one of you. Until and unless you can accept and internalize this, you can’t do anything to dismantle the same white supremacy that consumes you all. Stop pointing fingers and start deeply staring into a mirror.”

In another tweet, Rao calls out white people who do not like being “lumped in” with Nazis, tweeting…

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“White people are double, tripling down on their fragility, centering their feelings more than ever before. If you are white and feel sad that you are being “lumped in” with the Nazis, you are the problem. YOU.”

Last Thursday, Rao tweeted that all Indian, black, and Latino Americans believe  their white friends are racist.

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“White folks: you know that your best Indian or Latinx or Black friend knows you’re racist. They don’t tell you but they tell each other – and everyone else. Know how you tell your boss they are awesome to their face but over beers w friends you tell the truth? Same same.”

Rao challenged Democrat Diana DeGette for Colorado’s first Congressional district in June 2018, but she was only able to carry 32% of the vote.


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