Black Activist Says White People Are Dirtier Than Black People

Damon Young, Senior Editor at Very Smart Brothas, created a video explaining why he thinks white people are dirtier than black people. According to Young, there was recently a conversation on Twitter about white people not washing themselves below their waste (I was personally not aware of this discussion).


Young supports his claim by stating that when he was younger and slept over at a white friend’s house, he was never given a washcloth before showering. In addition, Damon believes there is an epidemic of white people not washing their hands, which he argues negatively affects black people. Young worries that when he shakes a white person’s hands, he may actually be shaking their private parts.

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He continues by claiming that because white people do not have enough stress in their life, they create stress by causing unnecessary epidemics, such as not washing their hands. Young traces this all the way back to colonial times when early European settlers brought diseases to the New World.

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Damon concludes by stating that he does not understand why many people of color aspire to whiteness, once again claiming that white people are dirty.


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