Leftist Says Gay Men Are Sexist Because They’re Attracted To Masculinity

Gabe Gonzalez, a contributor to Mic, created a video explaining why he believes misogyny is a problem within the gay community. He begins by stating, “making out with boys doesn’t mean you aren’t a tool of the patriarchy.”


To support his opinion, he claims that gay men get uncomfortable when straight women are in gay bars. In addition, Gonzalez argues that many gay men touch women without their consent. He also believes that sexism is the primary reason why there are more gay bars than lesbian bars.

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Next, Gonzalez encourages gay men to become allies to LGBT women and nonbinary people. He believes gay men uphold the patriarchy because most gay men prefer masculine gay men over feminine gay men. To support his outrageous statement, he argues that gay men prefer masculine men because society portrays masculinity as strong and femininity as weak. He says this preference disadvantages lesbian women, trans women, and even young queer men.

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Gonzalez concludes by stating that gay men owe women better.


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