Trans Parents Raise Daughter To Be Genderfluid

Barcroft TV premiered an episode titled, “We’re Raising Our Child As Gender Fluid.” Claire, a seven-year-old female from California, is being raised as genderfluid by her parents, Blue, who identifies as nonbinary, and Emerson, a transgender man. Prior, Emerson was in a lesbian relationship, which ended after he came out as transgender. Blue claims she is nonbinary because sometimes she feels masculine and other times she feels feminine; she also wears both male and female clothing.


Emerson states that he is raising his daughter to be genderfluid because he believes the gender binary restricts gender expression. Claire says that she embraces her genderfluid identity, stating that she wears both boy’s and girl’s clothing. In fact, she even drew two pictures of herself, one as a boy and another as a girl.

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Once every week, Emerson has to inject himself with testosterone. This gives him more masculine characteristics, such as body hair and a deeper voice. In addition, Emerson had chest surgery during his transition.

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Blue concludes by saying that she hopes Claire will grow up to discover her true identity just like she did.


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