WATCH: LGBT Conservatives Debate LGBT Liberals

VICE, a left-wing independent media outlet, recently hosted a debate between LGBT conservatives and LGBT liberals. The outlet also hosted a similar debate among conservative/liberal blacks and Latinos.

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The panel begins by sharing their name and how they identify; some of the leftists even share their preferred gender pronouns. Following, the crew discusses the importance of pride month. Blaire White, a conservative trans woman, states that she believes pride month should focus on LGBT issues abroad, particularly in radical Islamic countries where LGBT people can still be killed for being gay. This is a viewpoint that I also hold.


However, some of the liberals take a different position on pride month, arguing that some parts of the country are less tolerant of LGBT people and citing the anomalously high murder rate of non-white trans woman. Paul Ramirez, a Mexican-American Republican, was the last to weigh in on the subject, stating that he believes pride month should celebrate the advancements made on LGBT rights.

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Next, the panel discussed the definition of queer, a term none of the conservatives in the panel use to define themselves. It should be noted that the dictionary defines queer as “unusual” or “odd.” However, LGBT activists use it as an umbrella term to encompass anyone who isn’t straight or cisgender. According to the leftists on the panel, the term queer is necessary because some LGBT people believe that the terms gay, bisexual, and lesbian are too restrictive.

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The panel also clashes on the acronym of LGBTQIA+, with most of the conservatives and even some liberals believing that the acronym consists of too many letters. When discussing President Trump, two of the conservatives say that they do not have a favorable of the president, stating that even though they agree with him on most policy issues, they don’t like him as a person.

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When talking about the 2020 election, many of the liberals say that they like Elizabeth Warren. Interestingly, almost none of the LGBT people on the panel are thrilled about Pete Buttigieg, the first openly gay man to run for president. One of the liberals even attacks Buttigieg for being cisgender and white. After one of the conservatives criticized identity politics, Raquel Willis, a leftist transgender black woman, said that she’s tired of white men complaining about identity politics.

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Following, the panel debates the validity of nonbinary genders (people who identify as neither a man nor a woman), a concept I personally reject. One of the liberals who identifies as both nonbinary and transgender got into a dispute with Blaire White, a trans woman. Like me, Blaire White rejects the entire concept of nonbinary genders, believing it is an invention of the political left. She argues that unlike binary trans people, there is no scientific evidence to support nonbinary genders.

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There was also disagreement about whether gender dysphoria is needed to be transgender. Blaire White believes that gender dysphoria is needed to be trans, while a few of the liberal activists do not.


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