Straight Leftist Says He Hates Looking Straight

A YouTuber who goes by the name of Uppercasechase1 created a video explaining why he hates looking straight. Chase, who is a transgender man, says that he still identifies as queer even though he is interested in women. Before Chase transitioned, he came out as a lesbian when he was just 13 years old. Even once he began transitioning early in his adulthood, he still identified as a lesbian.


Chase states that he hates being perceived as a straight man, claiming that he likes being “weird” and “different.” He even admits that he feels “uncomfortable” when he blends in with society.

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After Chase transitioned, he still tried to date lesbian woman, which obviously did not work out because lesbian women are attracted to other women. Chase eventually fell in love with the word ‘queer’ because he believed that word accurately represented his romantic and gender identity.

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To cope with being perceived as straight, Chase says that he only cares about how he perceives himself. Interestingly, Chase reveals that he does not identify as either gay or straight nor does he strictly identify as a binary trans man. Also, according to Chase, the word ‘queer’ does not have an objective definition, stating that it means different things to different people.


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