WATCH: Latino Conservatives Debate Latino Liberals on Immigration

VICE, a left-wing independent media outlet, recently hosted a debate between conservatives and liberals within the Latino community. The outlet also hosted a similar debate between black conservatives and black liberals.

In the beginning, the crew discussed the president’s infamous “gram ’em by the p****” remark, with one of the liberals stating that she does not understand how any woman could have voted for Trump. Afterwards, the panel debated the issue of race, with some of the liberals accusing all Trump supporters of being racist.


Following, some of the conservatives discussed the positive things they believe the president has done for the Latino community, such as criminal justice reform, low unemployment, and middle-class tax cuts. In regard to the president’s tough rhetoric on Mexico, one of the conservatives explained the context of his “criminals” and “rapists” comment, stating that he was referring to the violent MS-13 gangs and drug trafficking that comes from Mexico.

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In response, one of the liberals claimed that light-skin Latinos are not disadvantaged by the president’s immigration policies, stating that ICE only deports brown, black, and indigenous illegal immigrants. Many of the liberal Latinos believe colorism is a major problem within the community, accusing light-skin Latinos of being privileged over their dark-skin and black counterparts.

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Next, the panel debated President Trump’s proposed border wall. Four of the nine participants endorsed the proposal. Likewise, the panel disagreed on whether the migrants in the Central-American caravans should receive asylum. The conservatives in the panel believe that most of the migrant’s claims are fraudulent. Following, one of the liberals blamed Americans for the creation of MS-13, arguing that MS-13 gang members are just doing whatever they can to survive in a racialized society.

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Afterwards, the panel clashed on what to do with the 11 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States, with some conservatives endorsing the concept of merit-based deportation and others believing that they should be given citizenship.

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When talking about borders, one of the liberals said that he doesn’t care about Americans, accusing one of the conservatives of assimilating into “Americaness.” Some of the liberals also said that they refuse to be friends with Trump voters.


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