University Says That They Are No Longer Hiring Men

Eindhoven University of Technology, a college in the Netherlands, announced via Twitter that they will only be hiring women in the first six months of recruitment to help achieve a better gender balance in the workplace.

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One Twitter user asked the university how gender-based discrimination is legal. TU Eindhoven responded by stating that gender-based discrimination is encouraged by the Dutch government.

Women hired under this program will receive special perks. According to the university website, the TU/e Board will make an additional 100,000 euros available for their own research line in addition to a special mentoring program.


“Under this scheme, female newcomers will receive an extra starter package specifically tailored to them. For each new Fellow in this program, the TU/e Board will make an additional 100,000 euros available they can use for their own research line, along with a special mentoring program for this new intake.”

If vacancies for competent female candidates cannot be found within six months, the field will be reopened to include male candidates. However, the application committee will still be required to nominate at least one male candidate and one female candidate.

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“Vacancies for which a good female candidate has not been found within six months will be reopened outside of the program. Nevertheless, it will remain the case that the application committee must nominate at least one female candidate and one male candidate. All in all, TU/e wants at least half of all newly-appointed assistant professors to be women. The minimum for associate professors and full professors will be 35 percent.”


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