University Offers “Safe Space” for Non-White Students & Faculty

San Diego State University hosted a “Taking Back Our Truths: Healing Circle” workshop for non-white students and faculty this past March. White students and faculty were not welcome to attend the event. One day prior to the event, another racial workshop took place, titled, “Taking Back our Truths: Deconstructing Whiteness in Academia and Embracing Racial Justice and Healing.”

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“Dr. Matias will facilitate group healing and she will provide tools to help POC navigate racialized[sic] spaces such as higher education and professional fields.”


Unlike the healing circle workshop, the deconstructing whiteness workshop was specifically designed for white people, teaching them how to use their white privilege to be a better ally to non-white students and faculty. According to the event description

“The workshop will consist of a one hour research driven lecture on whiteness and racial justice in academia followed by a 20-30 minute Q&A with Dr. Cheryl Matias.”

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Future racial workshops include “White People for Racial Justice 101,” which will be hosted at the end of June, and “Women of Color Roar 2020 – From the Ballot Box to the White House.”


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