EXPOSED: Conservative Laura Loomer Was Behind Kyle Kashuv’s Harvard Admission Being Rescinded

Kyle Kashuv, a pro-2A survivor of the Parkland school shooting, just learned that his Harvard University admission had been rescinded. This comes in the wake of a series of racially intolerant comments Kyle made a couple years ago becoming public. Kashuv took to Twitter this morning to share his story.

He begins by stating that he apologized after his racially insensitive comments became public, claiming that the public shame of the controversy sent him into one of the darkest spirals of his life. Afterward, Kashuv accused many of his leftist classmates and political opponents of contacting Harvard University to try to get his admission rescinded. Following the mob of complaints, Harvard demanded that Kyle provide a written explanation within 72 hours. In addition to a written explanation, apology, and request of documents, Kashuv contacted the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to seek guidance on how to correct this wrong.


Dissatisfied with the written apology, Harvard University sent Kashuv a letter rescinding his admission to the university. Following the letter, Kyle requested to make his case in-person, but Harvard declined his request. Kashuv concluded by stating that he feels lost and is unsure of what to do with his life at this point.

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Later today, conservative YouTuber Tree of Logic uploaded a video surrounding the controversy. It came to my attention that even right-wing Laura Loomer called for Harvard University to rescind Kyle Kashuv’s admission. In fact, she admittedly contacted the University to do so. Additionally, despite Harvard University already being under investigation for race-based college admissions, Loomer stated that she believes Kashuv’s spot should be replaced by a poor black student.

Because Loomer claims to be an advocate for free speech, many people are accusing her of being a hypocrite. While it is within Harvard University’s right to rescind Kashuv’s admission, there is greater debate about the principle of a university’s admission policy. Is it fair to hold an applicant accountable for inappropriate comments made two years ago? As Kashuv pointed out, Harvard’s faculty had historically consisted of slave owners, segregationists, bigots, and antisemites.


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  1. Kyle Kashuv called for the “death of all the Jews,” according to Miami New Times. As a Jewish woman, who lives near Parkland, I find that quite offensive. Let me ask you this question: If you were Jewish and you had children who were Jewish, and you found out a kid who called for the death of all the Jews was going to college with your kids, how would you feel?
    While I’m glad Kyle came to his senses and apologized, I can understand why the Jewish community is upset at the things he said. If I called for the death of everyone in the LGBTQ community, I could understand why nobody would want me to go to college with them. This sets a very dangerous precedence. Free speech is one thing, calling for the death of millions of Jews crosses the line of free speech to incitement. I agree with Loomer, if your allegations are indeed correct. If anyone called for your death, even if in jest, you’d be pretty pissed, too!

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