WATCH: Leftist Slams Pro-Abortion Activists For Excluding Trans Men & Nonbinary People

Riley Dennis, a far-left YouTuber, created a video explaining why she opposes the recent surge of statewide abortion bans. She begins by condemning the forty-three states that have some form of restriction on abortion, meaning that forty-three states do not permit abortion up until the point of birth for whatever reason. Following, Riley criticizes Georgia’s recently passed heartbeat abortion bill, which would ban abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

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Next, Riley explains why she believes many states are passing restrictive abortion bills. Riley argues that the more conservative Supreme Court under President Trump is leading many social conservatives to believe that the court may overturn Roe v Wade. If Roe v Wade is overturned, Riley fears that many women would either seek unsafe abortions or not get an abortion and be forced to raise a child that they cannot afford.

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According to Riley, the abortion debate boils down to bodily autonomy – the belief that a woman can do whatever she wants with her body. This argument is ridiculous for one reason: it is not just the woman’s body that is involved in an abortion. Hence why the majority of Americans believe that the government does have a responsibility in regulating abortion procedures.


Afterwards, Riley slams pro-abortion activists who frame abortion as a “woman’s issue,” arguing that many trans men and nonbinary people are also able to get pregnant. In addition, she states that many women are not able to get pregnant because of medical conditions, age, or happen to be transgender. For instance, instead of saying “men should not make laws about abortion,” Riley believes people should say “cis men should not make laws about abortion.” Also, instead of referring to abortion as “women’s rights,” Riley would prefer if activists referred to it as either “abortion rights” or “reproductive rights.”

Riley concludes by encouraging people who have had an abortion to share their story and normalize the procedure, believing that a more open dialogue would change public opinion about abortion.

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