Teen Media Outlet Claims That Biological Sex Is A Social Construct

By now, everyone has heard the leftist argument that gender is a social construct. However, a team of leftists at Teen Vogue take it one step further. According to them, not only is gender a social construct, but biological sex is a social construct as well. This group of “experts” explains five misconceptions about sex and gender.


  1. The body is either male of female: The leftists at Teen Vogue use intersex as a means to disprove that biological sex is a binary. People who are born intersex are born with a disorder of sex development, which may range anywhere from an enlarged clitoris to a micropenis. Some studies suggest that about 1 out of every 2000 people are born intersex (0.05% of the population).
  2. Intersex is not common: To dispute the claim that intersex should be treated as an anomaly, the leftists at Teen Vogue argue, without a reference, that 1.7% of the population is born intersex, which is significantly larger than the 0.05% estimated by the Intersex Society of North America.
  3. If you are born with XY chromosomes you are a male: Although chromosomal variations are not uncommon within the intersex community, Teen Vogue once again tries to paint this as the norm for all people. For most people, their chromosomes match their genitalia, and as a result, are a primary indicator of one’s biological sex.
  4. Testosterone is a male hormone: While it is true, as Teen Vogue claims, that all humans have testosterone, it does not disprove the concept of biological sex. In fact, a healthy male has approximately 20 times the level of testosterone than a healthy female.
  5. Trans women are biological men: Even though the overwhelming majority of trans women are born with XY chromosomes and male genitalia, Teen Vogue argues that trans women are not biologically male. In fact, Teen Vogue even goes so far to say that trans women are biological women.

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