WATCH: Feminists Explain Why They Refuse To Be Friends With Trump Voters

Ana Kasparian, host of liberal media outlet The Young Turks, invited radio hosts Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin on her show, No Filter, to discuss whether they could be friends with Trump supporters.

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Starting off, Allison Raskin states that it is a ‘terrifying’ time to be a woman in the Trump era. Following, Ana asks Dunn and Raskin about what they would do if they discover that a long-time friend happens to be a Trump supporter. Without hesitation, both the ladies admitted that they would no longer be friends with that individual. Kasparian responds by stating that she has minimized contact with family members who support President Trump, claiming that their ‘hateful’ conversations make her feel ‘uncomfortable.’

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Afterward, Dunn says that she does not believe there is ever an appropriate time to try to understand different political perspectives, arguing that even fiscal conservatives are ‘okay’ with child separation at the border, restricting women’s reproductive rights (a.k.a. abortion), and racism. In fact, Dunn states that her friendships are based on their political beliefs.


Raskin, who is a Jewish-American, interjects by comparing the Trump administration to Nazi Germany, arguing that Jews in Germany were not placed in concentration camps overnight. She is apparently unaware that the Trump administration has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and has condemned B.D.S. (boycott, divest, sanction Israel) and anti-Semitic public figures such as Linda Sarsour and Representative Ilhan Omar.

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At the end of the segment, Dunn smears Americans who do not pay attention to politics, stating that, besides not wanting to be friends with conservatives, she has no desire to be friends with Americans who do not pay close attention to politics either.


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