University Says Straight People Don’t Have To Be Attracted To The Opposite Gender

The Gender Equity Resource Center at the University of California, Berkeley, which is infamously known for its left-wing activism, created a guide defining a variety of terms relating to gender and sexuality. According to the guide, it is inaccurate to claim that straight people are attracted to the opposite gender because there are more than two genders (spoiler alert: there are only two genders). Instead, the guide defines straight as someone who is attracted to a gender other than their own.


“Person who is attracted to a gender other than their own. Commonly thought of as “attraction to the opposite gender,” but since there are not only two genders (see transgender), this definition is inaccurate.”

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In addition, the guide defines a multitude of different gender identities, such as agender, bigender, gender-expansive, gender fluid, gender-neutral, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, gender variant, non-binary, pangender, and two-spirit.

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The bottom of the page lists different gender pronouns. In addition to the traditional he/she pronouns, the guide displays gender-neutral pronouns, such as ‘they’ and ‘ze.’


The center describes itself as a “campus community center committed to fostering an inclusive Cal experience for all.” The Gender Equity Resource Center welcomes “all who experience life through the lens of woman in body, spirit, identity – past, present, future, and fluid.”


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