Leftist Says White People Are Responsible For Black Crime

Lisa A. Jones, a leftist who went viral on social media after calling for a 2% white privilege tax, recently posted that she believes white people are responsible for most of the violent crime committed by African-Americans, arguing that systemic oppression keeps many black Americans impoverished, which adversely affects the black crime rate.


“white people are responsible for most of the violent crime committed by black people. white people created social structures that have historically oppressed black people and continue to oppress them to this day. this level of systematic oppression creates poverty. poverty creates crime.”

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Lisa has many other far-left opinions. For example, she supports abolishing police and prisons, repealing the first and second amendments, open borders, and painting the white house in rainbow colors. In addition, Lisa also endorses communism.

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“ABOLISH THE POLICE! ABOLISH PRISONS! The sole purpose of the criminal justice system is to protect white America! The African-American community never asked to be in a war against law enforcement!”

“we should repeal the first amendment. it has just become an excuse for white supremacists, misogynists, homophobes, etc. to say hurtful things to people in marginalized groups. instead every american should have a right to a safe and inclusive environment.”

“BAN ALL GUNS, WEAPONS, AND HUNTING GEAR! Repeal the 2nd amendment and demand a national gun confiscation! There is no reason why anybody needs to own a gun in the 21st century!”

“”white house” should be renamed “people’s house.” we must be more inclusive of people of color. paint it in rainbow colors, diversity is our greatest strength.”

“all communists want is for everyone to be equal. stop making it sound so scary.”

Feel free to check out her page here!


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