Feminist Says the Definition of ‘Bisexual’ is Offensive

Lindsay Amer, the host of a YouTube series called Queer Kid Stuff, created an episode titled, “DO OVER! B is for BISEXUAL!” This video is a “do over” to her original video about bisexuality.

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In the original episode, Amer accurately states that bisexuality is when someone is attracted to both men and women. However, since the release of that episode, the social-justice left has created a new definition of bisexuality– someone who  is not exclusively attracted to one gender. This new definition is designed to include people who identify as nonbinary.


In the “do over” video, Lindsay apologizes for providing the wrong definition of bisexual, stating that the definition she gave was hurtful to many bisexual people. Later in the episode, Lindsay brings on a guest, Taylor, who identifies as a “black, bisexual woman.” According to Taylor, most bisexual people are attracted to anyone of any gender, regardless of whether they are a man, woman, nonbinary, transgender, or cisgender. Taylor continues by claiming that there are several ways to be bisexual and states that bisexuality is an umbrella term under the greater LGBT+ umbrella.

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Most Queer Kid Stuff episodes discuss gender, feminism, privilege, and other social-justice issues, specifically designed for young children. In one episode, Lindsay reads a children’s book explaining where babies come from. In other episodes, she explains why parents should not have gender reveal parties and invites a young boy to explain why he is queer. More recently, Lindsay brought on a guest who forces her students to share their preferred gender pronouns. Amer also believes that all kids are queer and doctors should stop “assigning” gender at birth.


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  1. I’m bisexual and think the “new definition” is stupid. I’m attracted to the feminine qualities of women and I’m attracted to the masculine qualities of men. I am not attracted to masculine women and I am not attracted to feminine men.

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