Professor Says The Concept Of Time Is Racist

Brittney Cooper, Associate Professor of Gender Studies and African-American Studies at Rutgers University, perpetuated the idea that the concept of time is racist. In an interview with NPR, the professor asserted, the way we “position ourselves in relationship to time comes out of histories of European and Western thought,” arguing that “white people own time.”

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“Time has a history, and so do black people. But we treat time as though it is timeless, as though it has always been this way, as though it doesn’t have a political history bound up with the plunder of indigenous lands, the genocide of indigenous people and the stealing of Africans from their homeland. When white, male European philosophers first thought to conceptualize time and history, one famously declared, Africa is no historical part of the world. He was, essentially, saying that Africans were people outside of history who had had no impact on time or the march of progress. …

Now, we also see this idea that black people are people either alternately outside the bounds of time or stuck in the past in a scenario where, much as I’m doing right now, a black person stands up and insists that racism still matters, and a person – usually white – says to them, why are you stuck in the past?”


Cooper asserts that white people believe that time is linear. However, the professor argues that time “doesn’t exactly work that way” for African-Americans because they live with the effects of historical discrimination.

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The professor has a history of making ridiculous accusations. In 2015, Cooper insisted that Jesus was potentially queer or married to a prostitute. Following the Freddie Gray shooting in Baltimore, Cooper called black government officials she disagreed with “white supremacists in blackface.”


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  1. I really long for the good old days, when we locked up the mentally ill instead of catering to, listening ti, and giving them a spotlight to further breed their own delusions.

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