Leftist Thinks It Should Be Easier For Illegal Immigrants To Vote

Riley Dennis, a far-left YouTuber, created a video regarding H.R.1., also known as the For the People Act of 2019. H.R.1. was the first piece of legislation proposed by the new Democrat-controlled House, with advocates claiming that the bill will restore voting rights and reduce corruption. The three major sections of the bill include anti-corruption, voting rights, and ethics.

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The anti-corruption goals include a new amendment that ends Citizens United, which prohibits the government from restricting independent expenditures by corporations and labor unions. Unsurprisingly, Riley pretends that Citizens United only applies to corporations. Nonetheless, H.R.1. would also require Super PACs to make all their donors public and force Facebook and Twitter to disclose who is purchasing political advertisements on their platforms. In addition, the legislation would expand public funding for political campaigns.


Next, the voting rights section of H.R.1. would create an automatic voter registration system. This means that every American citizen will be automatically registered to vote following their 18th birthday. This is silly for one primary reason: Americans have a right to vote, not a right to be automatically registered to vote. However, Democrats know that younger voters tend to favor them in the ballot box and are also more likely to be last-minute voters. In addition, H.R.1. would make voting day a national holiday, which would give federal workers (who tend to favor Democrats) the entire day off.

Lastly, the ethics section would require the president and vice-president to disclose their last ten years of tax returns, which is specifically aimed at President Trump. It would also forbid the use of taxpayer money to fund congressional sexual harassment cases.

Even though Democrats claim the goal of H.R.1.  is to ensure greater security in U.S. elections, the legislation does not mention anything about requiring an ID to vote. In fact, the bulk of the bill is deliberately intended to make it easier for Democrats to vote, even admittedly so by Riley Dennis.

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