Feminist Says Men Need To Do Better

Riley Dennis, a far-left YouTuber, created a video discussing the infamous Gillette ad. The ad targets the concept of “toxic masculinity,” a term social scientists use to describe the social attitudes that cause many men to act violently, sexually aggressive, or unemotional. Unsurprisingly, Riley endorses this ad, believing that all men should be held responsible for the poor actions of a few.


Supporters of the ad argue that it was not designed to demonize all men, rather, encourage men ‘to do better.’ These people view the world through a collective lens. Since, historically speaking, women had fewer rights than men, social justice advocates view men as an oppressor class and women as an oppressed class. This concept is also known as the patriarchy, which social justice advocates use to explain why men and women make different life choices. These activists have a similar mindset regarding other social identities, including race, sexuality, and religion. In their worldview, the oppressor class needs to take action to uplift the oppressed class, which in this case would be men uplifting women. As a result, they believe ‘good’ men have the moral responsibility to encourage ‘bad’ men ‘to do better.’

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Understandably, many people took issue with this ad. Individualists, such as myself, believe it is unacceptable to hold people accountable for the actions committed by others. Instead, individualists believe people are only responsible for their own behavior. For example, African-Americans have the highest violent crime rate in the United  States. However, most people would agree that it would be wrong to coin the term “toxic blackness” and insist that all African-Americans should ‘do better.’ It is important to judge people as individuals, not based on their collective group.

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