WATCH: MSNBC Analyst Says She’s “Sick of Old White Dudes,” Tells Bernie Sanders to “Go Away”

Last Friday, Liza Treyger appeared on MSNBC’s The Beat With Ari Melber to do a “Fallback Friday” segment. During the segment, Treyger said that she believes Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders should “fallback” from the 2020 presidential race, claiming that his year was 2016. Afterward, she tells Bernie Sanders to “go away” and smears him as being “disheveled,” “unlikable,” and “pushy.”

Following, Treyger criticizes Senator Sanders for the sexual harassment allegations that occurred within his 2016  presidential campaign, stating that anyone who is incapable of managing their campaign is also unfit to lead the country. She also attacks Sanders for paying women less than their male counterparts. Treyger continues by encouraging fellow Democrats to support young women of color in the primary, demanding that men be just as excited over such candidates.

She concludes by saying, “I’m just sick of old white dudes, go away.” Despite being white men, the other analysts laugh at her closing remarks.

Watch Liza Treyger tell Bernie Sanders to “go away” below (starts at 3:00)!

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