Leftist Media Outlet Blames Republicans for Illegals Overcrowding L.A. Public Schools

The Young Turks (T.Y.T.), an independent left-wing media outlet, recently had a segment discussing the Los Angeles teachers’ strike. According to CNN, roughly 32,000 Los Angeles educators walked out of the classroom Monday, affecting approximately 600,000 students within the district. Andrea Cohen, an educator at John Marshall High School, claims that some classrooms are filled up to fifty students. Many schools in the district are short librarians, counselors, and nurses. In addition to higher pay, the union is asking for a fully-employed workforce and limiting classrooms to 35 students. However, the school district argues that they lack resources to meet the union’s demands.

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According to Cenk Uygur, the founder of T.Y.T., 80% of students in the Los Angeles School District qualify for free or reduced school lunch. Although the district was once among the best public schools in the country, it is now one of the poorest, largely due to illegal immigration (followed by birthright citizenship and chain migration). An article from the Los Angeles Times states that approximately 10% of the nation’s illegal immigrant population resides in either Los Angeles or Orange County, California, totaling over 1 million illegal immigrants. Despite the fact that California is dominated by open-border Democrats, The Young Turks blame Republicans for this crisis.


Instead of blaming America’s broken immigration system, Cenk blames school choice for the crisis, attacking parents who send their children to private schools. Cenk argues that since many upperclass and upper-middle class families send their children to private schools, the public education system in L.A. is short money, leaving poor families to foot the bill. According to Ana Kasparian, a host at T.Y.T., the bubble started in 1978 after voters passed Proposition 13, capping property taxes to about 1% of a home’s value. Ana argues that this has had a negative effect on the school district because property taxes are the primary source of funding public education.

Unsurprisingly, The Young Turks avoid discussing the excessive government overreach that spiked the cost of housing in the Golden State, likely encouraging many voters to vote in favor of capping their property taxes. For example, according to Yahoo, it can take over ten years to obtain approval for a master-planned community in California. In addition, Californian home developers are required to pay $25,000 to $75,000 in fees in many areas throughout the state. Even though there is abundant land to develop in California, strict environmental regulations forbid housing development in many locations. The article concludes that these factors make building the same house approximately $500,000 more expensive in California than in Republican Texas.

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Regardless of whether you agree with the analysis of The Young Turks, illegal immigration has hurt Los Angeles public schools. If Congressional Democrats continue to refuse to work with President Trump on immigration reform, the problem will inevitably become more catastrophic.


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  1. It’s the Democrats fault for this ,they are playing the blame game ,its also thier fault for the shutdown of the government, they would rather go on vacation

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