MTV Host: White People Shouldn’t Be Proud of Their History

Franchesca Ramsey, the host of MTV’s YouTube series Decoded, created a video explaining why she is uneasy about the term “white pride.” Ramsey begins by claiming that white people get “uncomfortable” when minority groups create spaces to promote themselves, mocking white people who want to take pride in their heritage. She continues by asserting that every institution in America centers around whiteness, despite non-whites comprising 38% of the U.S. population (which includes white Latinos).


Following, Ramsey argues that “pride is about visibility” for people of color, claiming that a “white system has historically overlooked and oppressed them.” In addition, Ramsey states that ‘white pride’ has always been synonymous with ‘white supremacy.’ She also believes that whiteness is a concept designed to exclude and oppress members who do not belong in that group, arguing that Americans of southern and eastern European descent only became white at the oppression of African-Americans.

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Other episodes of Decoded include titles such as…


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  1. wow if you’re so disgusted being black why don’t you try some plastic surgery maybe they can turn you white so you can be racist and have white privilege to, you know the stuff you don’t have like being able to go to any school you want live anywhere you want be anything you want go anywhere you want have anything you want love who you want you know stuff like that

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