Leftist Believes There Should Be A White Privilege Tax

Lisa Jones, a self-proclaimed communist, argues that there should be a 2% white privilege tax and a 1% male privilege tax. She believes the revenue generated from those taxes should be invested in “racial justice and feminist causes.”

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On her page, Lisa states that she supports abolishing all police and prisons, claiming that the African-American community “never asked to be in a war against law enforcement.” In addition, she believes misgendering people who identify as transgender or nonbinary is an act of violence, money should be abolished, and the White House should be renamed “People’s House” and painted in rainbow colors.

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  1. Whatever this asshole is, he is NOT a leftist. He sounds like a typical conservative republiturd bigot. Probably a religitard PieceOfShit Trump supporter.

  2. I just want to check on my own tax rate. I’ll start with the “old-ish” white man status, but then I’ll add that I’m gay… That ought to get me a discount, right? Then I’ll add that I’m a conservative/republican. That’ll probably double the tax.

    Jeez, can’t we all just be “[Legal] US Citizens/Residents” and stop with the labels?

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