Leftist: You’re A Bigot If You Don’t Date Bisexuals

Riley Dennis, a far-left YouTuber, created a video claiming that it is biphobic to not date someone who is bisexual. She begins by telling a hypothetical story about a lesbian and bisexual woman who meet at a bar and really like each other. In this scenario, the lesbian loses interest in the bisexual woman once she discovers the bisexual woman has an ex-boyfriend. According to Riley, it is bigoted of the lesbian to lose interest in the bisexual woman upon discovering her sexuality.

While some may argue that this scenario fits the textbook definition of biphobia, many others, including myself, argue that dating preferences are not bigoted.

Nonetheless, Riley continues by asserting that biphobia runs rampant within the LGBT community, claiming that biphobia is more frequently called out when perpetuated by straight people. In fact, Riley condemns Amber Rose, who is bisexual, because she stated that she would never date someone who is bisexual.

Throughout the rest of the video, Riley mocks people’s concerns about dating bisexual people, such as questioning whether they prefer to date someone of the opposite gender.

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Watch Riley explain why she believes not dating bisexual people is biphobic below!

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