Leftist Wants to Abolish All Sovereign Nations, Says You’re Not Compassionate if You Disagree

Riley Dennis, a popular SJW YouTuber, created a video explaining why she believes the United States should have an open-border immigration system. Riley begins by claiming that Republicans will always attempt to justify doing “mean things” to people who “look different than them,” referencing the teargassing of migrants who attempt to enter the U.S. illegally. Apparently, Riley is unaware that teargassing occurred about once per month under the Obama administration (who was a Democrat).

Despite many migrants in the caravan openly admitting that they are seeking asylum for economic reasons, Riley insists that every migrant in the caravan is fleeing violence from their home country. It should be noted that Mexico granted asylum to all the migrants in the caravan, but most migrants turned down Mexico’s generous offer. According to international law, asylum seekers must seek refuge in the first country they are safe, which would be Mexico for most migrants in the caravan.


Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Riley compares the migrant caravan to Jewish asylum seekers during World War II, most of whom were fleeing the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. Unlike the Jewish asylum seekers, most migrants in the Central-American caravan are not genuinely fleeing violence and are attempting to manipulate current asylum laws as a means to benefit from America’s welfare state.

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Following, Riley condemns the United States for trying to defend its border, specifically when border patrol agents spray teargas at migrants trying to enter the country illegally. Despite the fact that 52% of border patrol agents are of Hispanic/Latino origin, she infers that this action is a result of racism. Following, instead of having compassion for current American citizens and legal residents, Riley demands that Americans have compassion for migrants trying to enter the country illegally.

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Riley concludes by explaining why she believes many migrants want to come to the United States. Rather than pointing to the values that made the United States an economic and cultural superpower (e.g., capitalism, free speech, due process, individualism, equal opportunity), she blames American imperialism in Central and South America.

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Watch Riley defend open borders below!

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