POLL: Majority of Hispanics Support Cutting Legal Immigration in Half

A Harvard-Harris poll conducted in January 2018 found that the majority of Americans support abolishing the diversity lottery, eliminating chain migration, and drastically reducing the current level of immigration. In fact, more Americans support zero immigration (9%) than current levels of immigration (7%). Currently, the United States imports well over 1 million legal immigrants annually.


The Harvard study found that 79% of Americans support a merit-based immigration system over the current system that favors immigrants with family ties, including 85% of African-Americans and 72% of Hispanics. Even nearly two-thirds of Hillary Clinton voters endorse this proposal. In addition, 68% of Americans favor abolishing the diversity lottery, which randomly selects 50,000 immigrants from so-called underrepresented countries.

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Most Americans also support reducing the overall level of immigration, with 63% supporting an annual immigration level less than 500,000. This figure includes 63% of African-Americans, 55% of Hispanics, and nearly 80% of Republicans. Also, more than six-in-ten Americans (61%) believe that current border security is inadequate and 54% support a physical southern border barrier.

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These findings suggest that President Trump’s immigration policies are popular among the American people. It is up to Congress to help the president fulfill his immigration campaign promises.


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