Is Candace Owens a Real Conservative?

Many people believe Candace Owens started her political career by uploading a “coming out as a conservative” video on YouTube. In the video, she jokes about how it is easier to come out as a lesbian than a conservative. For a short period of time, she regularly uploaded videos to her YouTube channel. Currently, she is the Director of Communications at Turning Point USA, a conservative advocacy group created by Charlie Kirk. However, she has been in the public political sphere prior to her “coming out” video.


In late 2017, during Candace’s rise to fame, many YouTubers in the skeptic community criticized Candace for her creation of Social Autopsy, a doxxing website. Essentially, the now-deleted website contained a database of “mean” things written by people online. One of the most vocal critics of this website was Tree of Logic, a fellow black-female conservative and former police officer. Tree created a couple of videos about Candace’s history, claiming this issue is personal because of ex-convicts recognizing her name online. Besides doxxing adults, Social Autopsy was intended to even dox minors.

Watch Tree of Logic reveal Candace’s creation of Social Autopsy below!

Candace attempted to raise $75,000 via Kickstarter to launch Social Autopsy. However, Kickstarter suspended her campaign because it violated the company’s terms of service regarding minors. In reaction, Candace claimed that white males, specifically those who supported President Trump, were threatening her and calling her a “n*****.” Following the failure of Candace’s Kickstarter campaign, Candace retreated for five months before delivering a Ted Talk in October 2016. In the Ted Talk, she speaks in favor of digital activism, making no inclination of being red-pilled or a conservative and providing SJW talking points.

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Nine months later, Candace returned to the internet under the name Red Pill Black, where she released her “coming out as a conservative” video. Even as recent as May 11, 2016, Candace disavowed Hillary Clinton from the left, tweeting, “As a liberal, learning the truth about the Clintons has been like learning about Santa as a child, one big fat & jolly lie #DropOutHillary.”


Besides Tree of Logic, other conservative/anti-SJW YouTubers have criticized Candace Owens, including Andy Warski and Ranting Monkey. Even though Social Autopsy never launched, Candace still kept the database containing everyone’s “mean” comments until she was pressured to take it down by several YouTubers.

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Ask yourselves, would a genuine conservative create a doxxing website as a means to combat hate speech? Was her initial intent to trick conservatives to give her money so she could launch Social Autopsy? As she stated on The Rubin Report, she graduated college with a substantial amount of student loan debt.

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In the midst of the Social Autopsy controversy, Dave Rubin invited both Candace Owens and Blaire White, a right-leaning transgender YouTuber, to discuss their position on Social Autopsy. Although Blaire White never made a video criticizing Candace Owens for her creation of Social Autopsy, she did attack Candace on a livestream. On The Rubin Report, Candace used SJW debate tactics, angrily interrupting Blaire and even going out her way to purposely misgender her.

Watch Candace Owens and Blaire White debate Social Autopsy below!

Since debating Blaire White on The Rubin Report, Candace Owens joined Turning Point USA and has spoken at college campuses against the “black victimhood” narrative, potentially doing much good for the black community and conservative movement. More recently, Candace launched the #Blexit campaign, encouraging black Americans to leave the Democratic Party. Immediately following the launch of this campaign, Kanye West denounced Candace on Twitter for attaching his name to the #Blexit campaign without consent.

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However, since joining Turning Point USA, Candace Owens has displayed a lack of understanding on many conservative positions. Most notably on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Candace miserably failed at defending her supposed view on climate change. Before discussing climate change, she poorly explained why she believes “we are losing America.” To support her opinion, she points to bad trade deals and the shrinking middle class, which is highly misleading, because as pointed out by Ben Shapiro, the loss of the middle class is largely due to the rise of the upper-middle class.

During the podcast, she claims that she does not care about the environment “even a little bit.” In addition, she states that she does not believe websites that end with “.com” should be taken seriously, insisting that she would only believe a scientific study if it was published on a “.org” page.  Candace also asserts that she started investigating the issue of climate change from a place of not believing it instead of a place of neutrality.

Watch Candace Owens defend her skepticism on anthropogenic climate change below!

Given her recent history of being a social justice warrior, her sudden political evolution, and her lack of coherent arguments, I am very skeptical of the authenticity of Candace Owens. This is not to say that people’s political ideology cannot change. In fact, I even promoted Zach Hing’s #WalkAway story on my Twitter account. For those of you who do not already know, Zach is an Asian-American who walked away from the left. Unlike Candace, he uses facts, evidence, and reason to support his opinions.

Upon first learning upon a political figure, I strongly suggest learning as much as possible about them before putting them at the forefront of a political movement.


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