Leftist Thinks Celebrating Thanksgiving is Racist

Danielle Young, one of the hosts at The Root, discussed the origins of Thanksgiving. Alex Clark, a guest on this episode, demonizes the European colonizers for slaughtering Native Americans and stealing their land. Apparently, in Clark’s world, Native Americans never had any wars or land disputes among each other prior to European colonization (which is not true). Therefore, all white people must feel permanent guilt for the behavior of some white American’s ancestors.


Following, Young argues that the origin of Thanksgiving is racist because African-American slavery existed prior to the first Thanksgiving. Similar to Clark, Young is either very ignorant or purposely leaving out information to advance an anti-American political agenda. In colonial America, there were white slaves and even black slave owners (e.g., William Ellison Jr.). In fact, black slaves were enslaved in their own countries before being sold or traded to early American settlers. While it is certainly true that black slavery existed longer than white slavery and will forever be a horrible stain on American history, it is important to explain all of history.

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Young concludes by discouraging African-Americans from watching football on Thanksgiving due to the Colin Kaepernick controversy.

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