Feminist Teaches Children to Hate Men & White People

Kristina Wong is the host of a YouTube series called Radical Cram School, which teaches children about “social justice, revolution, and how to be powerful in the bodies that [they] have.”


In the first episode, Wong teaches children about the evil patriarchy, taking jabs at white people in the process. In addition, Wong attacks President Trump, with one of the children stating that a wall would “block opportunities for people who don’t live in America.” Wong also asks why Hello Kitty does not have a mouth. One of the students responds by claiming that the creator of Hello Kitty “didn’t want Asian girls to speak up about who they are.”

In the second episode, Wong discusses different social justice terminology, such as misogyny, gender non-binary, oppression, structural racism, intersectionality, feminism, and microaggression. One of the female students in the episode even claims to be genderfluid.

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There are also four other episodes of Radical Cram School. The third episode is a play that portrays President Trump as a racist who hates all immigrants (which is not true). In the fourth episode, Wong states very misleading statistics, specifically the widely debunked gender wage gap and how it varies by race. She compares each wage to the average wage of white men but conveniently ignores that Asian-American men outearn their white-male counterparts.

In the fifth episode, Wong and her students demonize fathers, claiming all they do is ‘rest’ and not work as hard as mothers. The sixth episode is just a creepy sing-along, virtue-signaling against racism and sexism.

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