Leftist: Conservatives Are More Easily Offended Than Leftists

Riley Dennis, a left-wing YouTuber, created a video explaining what she believes “being offended” means. She begins by discussing why she believes leftists are not more easily offended than conservatives, insisting that the “easily offended liberal” stereotype was started by conservatives using it to demonize people on the left.

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Following, Riley discusses the confusion surrounding the meaning of offensive, declaring that its definition changes depending on one’s politics. Riley states that most leftists define offensive as “dangerous” and potentially causing “a lot harm.” On the contrary, Riley asserts that conservatives and many moderates interpret “I am offended” as “I don’t like that.” According to Google, offensive means “causing someone to feel deeply hurt, upset, or angry.”


To further explain the partisan divide, Riley claims that leftists are offended by rights being taken away from queer people, while conservatives are offended by the existence of queer people. However, this example is largely untrue. While there are a minority of conservatives who unapologetically hate LGBT people, most conservatives who oppose same-sex marriage come from a religious perspective, with most still believing that LGBT people should be treated with kindness and respect.

Personally, I believe “being offended” is a problem when someone is offended by objective facts or well-researched opinions that differ from their own. For example, despite being articulate and having well-researched opinions, Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson are unable to speak on college campuses without a swarm of protesters.

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Next, Riley compares the term offensive to triggered, claiming that conservatives have devalued the meaning of both terms. However, conservatives were not the ones who watered down either term. As stated above, leftists devalued the meaning of offensive by their objection to people with opposing viewpoints. Likewise, leftists minimized the meaning of triggered by taking offense to something as benign as microaggressions.

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