WATCH: Black Woman Explains Why She Supports the KKK & Thinks Black People Are Ugly

A 16-year-old African-American woman, Treasure, was recently a guest on Dr. Phil’s show, explaining why she believes she is Caucasian and better than other black people. Unlike other African-Americans, Treasure claims that her hair is naturally straight and nose is “not giant.” She even asserts that all black people are “ugly,” declaring that she “has nothing in common with them” and “black people think in a criminal way.”

In addition, Treasure admits to having the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) on speed dial. When a well-educated African-American woman invites Treasure to shadow her organization, which primarily focuses on uplifting black women, she declines the offer and calls her a “hood rat,” stating that she does not believe in being in “a room full of n*****s.”


According to Treasure’s brother, Treasure routinely makes racist comments to other African-Americans in public. He fears that she will eventually be physically harmed if she makes a racist comment to the wrong person. After Dr. Phil asks Treasure about whether she believes her brother and mother are African-American, she responds by saying, “If they are African-American, then they are uncivilized people.” She continues by stating that all African-Americans “belong in jail.”

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Treasure’s mother believes her racist behavior began when she was five year old, following a move from a majority-white neighborhood to a majority-black neighborhood. When Treasure was in elementary school, Treasure’s mom claims that she refused to play with other black students. Her mom admits to lying to Treasure and her brother about their racial identity when they were younger, making them believe that they were mixed race and not fully black. However, she told her children the truth about their identity after the death of her husband, who was white, in 2006.

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