WATCH: Leftist Says Women Have No Rights, Makes Poem Arguing Against Due Process

Aija Mayrock, a contributor to Buzzfeed, wrote and recited a poem claiming that women are systematically disadvantaged in the United States, even arguing against due process in rape and sexual assault allegations.

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If interested, check out why modern feminism is cancer! Also, learn about problems with Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony.

The text and video of the poem are below!


“Dear girl, you will be believed.”

“Dear Girl,
Often times, we women, start to rise
Then certain people devise a plan to disenfranchise
Whether it’s our bodies or rights
entice us with movements
unite us through persecution
make it seem like it’s alright
Dear girl, open your eyes
we have come so far, it’s easy to resign
we’ve got equality
but public policy shows the contrary honestly
and it’s mostly seen as a victimless crime
no surprise, since we perpetuate r*** culture
separate locker room talk and that one audio tape
that’s great
i get 78 cents to a man’s dollar
while black and latino women get even smaller
What should every girl know?
You are not some puppet in a puppet show
f*** the status quo and the photoshopped photos
expose the double standards, the hypocrisy, the hate
it is never too late
This is the moment of girls taking the reigns
It is Times Up
It is Me Too
It is everyone from me to you
Who has spoken or stayed silent but strong
It is Emma Gonzalez and Lena Waithe
From dodging bullets and dodging hate
Christine Blasey Ford and every survivor that speaks
only to be met with intimidation, investigation, and disbelief
Dear girl, You will be believed
If not by senate floors and investigators
We will hear you
We will see you
We will stand with you
Dear girl, You are heard from the survivor 3,000 miles away or the one next door
You are heard
Justice will not always prevail
But we will continue to fight tooth and nail
You are heard
So that our sisters and daughters will never be asked rather harassed
whether they wanted it, regretted, or just forgot
Believe me, no one forgot
Dear Everyone, This moment is a movement
for every girl to reclaiming her place, win every race
For everyone out there, listen in
The system is in demolition, grab ahold of your voice
It’s time to make a choice
to believe survivors
to pay us all the same
to give women of color equal access and opportunity
to care about the safety of trans girls every day
make the choice to change the climate
make the choice to not be silent
this is not the day of the girl
this is the future of girls”

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