WATCH: Leftist Explains Why He Thinks White Men are Angry & Violent

Damon Young, a contributor to The Root, explained why he believes American white men are angry and violent. Young begins by asserting that white men live in a country in which they receive “perpetual validation,” claiming that they run all the Fortune 500 companies, are most of the country’s elected officials, are most of the police force, and are on all U.S. currency.


Following, he declares that white men are “amplified, celebrated, and honored so frequently that it is literally news when the honor is extended to someone who is not a white man.” He continues by stating that white men are the angriest firefighters, accountants, hipsters, and presidents.

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According to FBI statistics, white men commit a lower rate of violent crime compared to all men in the United States. Despite these statistics, Young declares that there is a national crisis of white men committing cold-blooded murder, using Dylan Roof and police brutality to support his opinion.

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He concludes by asking, “Will the anger of white men kill us all?”


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