NowThis: Men Shouldn’t Be In Politics

NowThis, an independent left-wing propaganda outlet, created a video about the opportunity Nevada voters have to elect a majority-women legislature this November. The two hosts of the video are Kelly Rowland and Tracee Ellis. Since both of these women are objectively sexist, they begin the video by arguing that society would be better off if women had complete control of politics.


Next, Ellis falsely claims that a state legislature has never represented women equally. Both men and women, with women usually having higher voter turnout, vote for the Congress(wo)man that they believe best represents their values. A politician’s values has very little to do with whether they are male or female. Nonetheless, she states that issues regarding abortion and paid maternity leave should be decided by a women-majority legislature.

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Using Ellis’ same logic, male-dominated legislatures are needed to make laws regarding workplace accidents, child custody battles, divorce settlements, and other issues that disproportionately affect men. However, it is unlikely that she holds that same belief.

Although most of their video was anti-male propaganda, I do agree with their final point: vote on November 6th, midterms matter!

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