WATCH: Young Boy Explains Why He’s Queer

Lindsay Amer, the host of Queer Kid Stuff, invited a young boy, Desmond, to her show to explain why he identifies as ‘queer.’ Queer Kid Stuff is a YouTube series about gender and sexuality for kids,. Since Lindsay is absent, her sidekick, Teddy, is the host of this episode.

Teddy begins by asking Desmond, “What are your pronouns and how do you identify?” Unsurprisingly, Desmond responds by stating that his pronouns are “he/him” and that he identifies “as a boy.” Desmond continues by saying that he is an “LGBTQ+ activist” and a “drag kid.” Now eleven years old, Desmond became a drag kid at the age of two. Even at his young age, Desmond is very politically active, attending left-wing protests and LGBT pride parades.

Most Queer Kid Stuff episodes discuss gender, feminism, privilege, and other social justice issues, specifically designed for young children. In one episode, Lindsay reads a children’s book explaining where babies come from. In another episode, she explains why she believes parents should not have gender reveal parties. Amer also believes that all kids are queer and doctors should stop “assigning” gender at birth.

Watch Desmond explain why he identifies as ‘queer’ below!

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  1. The Progressive-Socialists initiated a successful infusion of deception into America’s public educational system in 1963 with the inclusion of Darwinian Evolutionary Theory…a lie from the pit of Hell that denies the Genesis account of Creation and teaches our posterity that they are nothing more than pond scum morphed into life inexplicably becoming an ape and then our ancestor…that life is an accident, moral relativism and narcissism via atheism are the ideologies of self-fulfillment. The resultant of this unconscionable sociological filth has been the mutilation of 60+ million babies in the womb subsequent to SCOTUS’ unconstitutional Roe/1973 and the demonic perversion of Obergefell v. Hodges (2015)…is it any wonder that America’s youth are spiritually dead, dumb-down cognitively, confused and seeking perversion sexually? America is under God’s Judgment and our posterity is paying the price for our apostasy and rebellion to the Word of God.

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