White Male Millennials Are Fleeing the Democrat Party in Droves

According to CNN exit polling, Hillary Clinton won 55% of the Millennial vote in the 2016 presidential election, compared to 36% who supported Donald Trump. However, since 2016, Millennial support for Democrats has fallen. A 2016 Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 55% of Millennials favored Democrat Congressional candidates, compared to 27% who favored Republican Congressional candidates. By 2018, the same polling company found that the number of Millennials who plan on supporting Congressional Democrats fell to 46%, while 28% plan on supporting Republicans. In just two years, Millennial support for Congressional Democrats over Congressional Republicans fell by 10%.

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However, there is an even greater drop of Democrat support among white Millennials. In 2016, 47% of white Millennials favored Democrat Congressional candidates, while 33% favored Republicans. Currently, in 2018, white Millennials are gridlocked, with 39% supporting each party. The greatest change is among white Millennial men, with an astonishing 21% shift since 2016. In 2016, this demographic favored Democrat Congressional candidates by a 12% margin (48% to 36%). Now, in 2018, young white men favor Republican Congressional candidates by a 9% margin (46% to 37%).


This poll was conducted online throughout the United States, gathering about 65,000 responses during the first quarter of 2018. About 16,000 of these responses came from Millennials, with 11,000 from white Millennial voters.

Why has Millennial support shifted so drastically within two years, especially among white men?

For starters, many Millennials are enjoying a bigger paycheck due to the GOP’s tax bill. Although this may explain why Millennials as a collective are turning away from the Democrat Party, it does not explain why the shift is more pronounced among white men.

Identity politics likely plays a role in this sudden shift. Leftists routinely blame white privilege and institutional racism to explain why racial and ethnic minorities have a lower median income than white Americans. However, it should be noted that Asian-Americans have the highest median income in the United States. This divisive rhetoric has likely turned many white Millennials away from the Democrat Party.

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In addition, the left has been promoting the mythical “war on women,” citing flawed wage gap statistics to support their narrative and often demonizing men in the process. Given the growing anti-white and anti-male rhetoric from the Democrat Party, fewer Millennial white men feel welcome by Democrats. The Parkland shooting is an example of anti-white and anti-male rhetoric being used in reference to a singular event. Although the shooter was at least partially Hispanic, many leftists blamed the horrific mass shooting on “white-male entitlement” rather than bullying or mental health issues.

A final possible explanation is alternative media. In the 1990s, many alternative voices came from talk radio. Today, YouTube is the primary outlet for alternative media, which tends to be very male-dominated. In recent years, YouTube has had a very anti-left bias, with some leftists referring to it as the “Intellectual Dark Web.” On YouTube, many anti-leftists have risen to fame, such as Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, the Weinstein brothers, Dave Rubin, Stefan Molyneux, Steven Crowder, and so on. There are also smaller anti-left YouTubers with significant followings, such as Roaming Millennial, Blaire White, and Hunter Avallone. Rather than appealing to emotion, most anti-left content creators use facts, reason, and evidence to support their views.

While I personally believe ALL Americans should be treated as individuals regardless of their immutable characteristics, the growing anti-white and anti-male rhetoric from the Democrat Party will likely cause an even greater number of white and male Americans to support the Republican Party in future elections.


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