WATCH: Gay Man Discusses His #WalkAway Story

A YouTuber who goes by the name of Rational White Trash discussed his #WalkAway story, explaining why he left the cult of social justice warriors. Before going to rehab, his political beliefs were mostly moderate and libertarian. Following rehab, he became heavily involved in social justice activism, supporting Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary and Hillary Clinton after she won the nomination.

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Some social justice activists convinced him that he did not act gay enough, even accusing him of having toxic masculinity. At one point, he was so brainwashed that he identified as genderfluid. One activist even insisted that he was transgender, pressuring him to physically transition. As a result, he started to act more feminine.


He describes social justice as a cult, where members compete to see who is the most oppressed. Anyone who dares to question the cult’s narrative is instantaneously exiled from the community. The cult brainwashes its followers to believe that white people collectively oppress non-white people, men collectively oppress women, straight people collectively oppress LGBT people, and so on. They also convince themselves that since their position is the objective moral one, anyone who disagrees with them is a terrible person. The ideology of social justice is so extreme that some activists even endorse full-blown communism, even cutting ties with close friends and family members who oppose their ideology.

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Following the 2016 election victory of President Trump, he was so triggered that he attempted to purposely overdose. One of his first experiences that brought him out of the community was when he was physically attacked by black men. After informing the social justice community what had happened to him, he was told that he has no place to criticize them because black men have more oppression than white gay men. Another experience that brought him out of the community was when he dated a Trump voter, with political division being a factor in the end of the relationship.

Although he is currently not the biggest fan of President Trump, he is back to his more moderate and libertarian beliefs.


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