Leftist: Conservatives and Moderates Don’t Have Valid Opinions

Riley Dennis, a far-left YouTuber, explained why she does not believe all opinions are valid. She begins by explaining that despite the earth objectively being round, a minority of people believe the earth is flat. Therefore, the two opinions are not equal. While Riley is correct on this point, she later falsely compares it to politics.

Riley continues by condemning social and political moderates, claiming that leftists are objectively accurate on many issues. She returns to her “flat Earth” analogy, stating it is not possible to find common ground on the earth being flat or round. Riley also criticizes moderates because she believes they often portray themselves as being the voice of reason.


Next, Riley uses a real-life political issue to make her point, declaring that the left believes LGBT individuals should be treated equally under the law and the right opposes LGBT rights. I believe Riley is referring to the Colorado baker controversy in which a Christian baker refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. However, even though I fall under the LGBT umbrella, I believe private businesses should be legally allowed to deny service to anyone for any reason, even if religious conflict is not the basis. The only exceptions should be emergency services and medical care. Riley fails to understand that liberty is a fundamental value of western civilization.

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Following, Riley slanders the Trump administration, claiming it is “filled with Nazis.” She uses this to justify not finding common ground with them. In addition, Riley admits that she refuses to debate people who disagree with her because she believes most of her opinions are objectively right.

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Surprisingly, I actually agree with one of Riley’s main points: not all opinions are valid or created equal. Some opinions are based on facts, reason, and evidence, while others are reactionary. With that said, many of Riley’s opinions ironically fall into the second category.

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