Feminist: Everyone Who Supports Trump is a Bad Person

Marina Watanabe, a  feminist YouTuber and contributor to Everyday Feminism, explained why she believes everyone who supports President Trump is a bad person. She begins by discussing criticism she receives from some of her fans that state something along the lines of “not all Trump supporters are bad people.”


Following, Marina questions whether politics can be separated from morality. Marina argues no. For example, she compares how conservatives and leftists view Affirmative Action differently, specifically when applied to college admissions. Most leftists argue that race-based college admissions is justified because different races have different median incomes. A Princeton study found that on the SAT, Asian applicants, on average, had to score 140 points higher than whites, 270 points higher than Latinos, and 450 points higher than blacks to be accepted into America’s top universities. On the contrary, most conservatives argue that race-based college admissions is immoral because it judges an individual based on the collective.

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Marina continues by attacking Christians. She claims that conservative Christians vote against their own values because most Republican politicians support fewer social programs, which she believes negatively impacts the poor. However, she blatantly dismisses the conservative argument on how to best help the poor. Most conservatives argue that a massive welfare state keeps the poor impoverished and private charity is much more efficient.

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Like many leftists, Marina fails to understand difference of perspective, claiming that only ignorant conservatives are not bad people. Marina concludes by endorsing the concept of open borders.


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