Nonbinary Feminist: Don’t Gender Your Baby At Birth

Linday Amer, the host of a YouTube series called Queer Kid Stuff, created an episode about gender reveal parties. The episode begins by Teddy, Amer’s sidekick, explaining what a gender reveal is. Teddy states that parents have gender reveal parties when they find out the biological sex of their baby.

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According to Amer, gender reveal parties put “gender stereotypes and oppressive gender roles on fetuses.” Following, Teddy claims that parents can sometimes be wrong about the baby’s gender, stating that the baby could grow up to be transgender or nonbinary. Teddy fails to mention that less than 1% of the population identifies as transgender, and there is no scientific evidence to support nonbinary genders. Nonetheless, Teddy claims that parents should wait to gender their children until they can state their preferred pronouns.

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Instead of having a gender reveal party, Lindsay and Teddy suggest having “it’s a baby” party. She concludes by announcing the topic of the next episode, which will be about gender-conscious parenting.


Most of Lindsay’s episodes discuss gender, feminism, privilege, and other social justice issues, specifically designed for kids. In one episode, she reads a children’s book discussing where babies come from. Amer also believes that all kids are queer and doctors should stop “assigning” gender at birth.


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